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Finished Final Task: A day in the Life

November 30, 2011

The finished photo film for the task. Jean starts off with an intro, these are shown of portrait photographs by myself and they all focus on my subject very strongly I think. Then she goes back to the years of Jamaica, the conditions in which she lived in, no electric and just a shell of a house, this shows photographs taking you back in time as she talks through her time in Jamaica very shortly but she gets everything in, also talking about the raising of the street boys. The last and final part her boys that she raised, she talks about their stories, of death and abuse from police brutality, these are accompanyed of a photograph each of these boys, so you get a sense of what they look like when you hear of the abuse and death they had been given to them. The voice in the subjects voice changes, this is something that makes her vexed like she says and just from listening to the tone in her voice it still angers her to this day. I have kept the video short and showed the most important memory of which I think stand out to the viewer and also what stood out for my subject.

The every child charity I have been in contact with and is a good charity to link people to as they help with poverty and abuse of street children, taking them to a safe place.

This is a charity that you can help by sponsoring a child, or even just to donate. This organisations stops the abuse to children in Jamaica and provides them a safe place to say so they are away from the abuse that is going on right now and also the poverty of these children.
I have been in contact with this charity and also other charities and organisations that are helping the street children of Jamaica and also poverty. I have told them my final task the life in a day and they said that the photofilm sounds like something that reflects their charities and also the stories would make an awareness of this state in Jamaica. I have also been in contact with charities for information and help on starting up a forum for people that are looking for help that are being abused not just in Jamaica but also in other parts of the world, from my research I have not found any good forums that are helping people online and these charities like my idea and are willing to help in any way, they are also interested in a project that I am looking to do in the new year, and this will be doing a photoshoot either with peoples identity hidden or shown and the audio will go with the images telling their stories of abuse. I am doing this project because I know it will be something that I enjoy and also I am hoping that will help people to see that they can talk about their lives and step forward for help.
These are the charities that I have been asked to email my idea over to them and the work that I have done so hopefully they can use the photofilm that I have created and that I can gain help from my own project and also their own.
These are all of the charitys that I have been in contact with they all like the sound of the photofilm that I have done with Jean and they have asked me to email them and hopefully this photofilm can be used to make more people aware. I have also let them know. I also discussed the forum and they said it is a good idea as there may be more people that want to talk that lived in Jamaica as a child and had abuse or seen abuse and now live in the UK. The new project that I am next doing has also been of interest to these charitys so I hope that they can also help with that, I have also offered to help with any projects that they have going and in any way that my photography can help.

Creation of wordpress blog and forum

November 29, 2011

I have created a wordpress blog and hopefully people will be connected to this blog and people will post information that has either reflected themeselves or others that have been abused. Some people are really open about past issues in their lives and what they have experienced so I am hoping these kind of people will come forward and so then people that are wanting to seek help or advice they can feel the need to come forward. So then I have created a forum that is linked to this blog so people can chat to each other and hopefully I will recieve a varied of stories that will show more awareness to others. I am also going to contact the charities back that I have spoke to and see if they want to co operate with this forum so people can find out more about these charitys if they are looking for help. If people do start joining then I will ask the charitys and see if they can help out and go on to the forum to speak to these people that are seeking more information. Another reason for this blog and forum is so it will bring more subjects forward that can help with my next project that I am doing so it can make people more aware or so others can reflect to the stories that I will be showing throughout the project.

On the wordpress blog I have also linked the forum that I have created where people can interact.


The nearly finished piece for the life in the day task

November 28, 2011

The start of the photofilm I introduce you to Jean, the main subject that tells the story, from all of the images I have chose the photographs that I think show her very strongly and her true character. In this intro of the subject she goes through her life, the experience in Jamaica, as it changed her as a person and also the things that people in the world do not realise. The images show the subject quite sad in her expressions, I feel if I did not know this person I would still want to keep listening in to the storie as in each photograph you can tell of her interesting character, you can see the hurt but also the love in her eyes.  I have used a varied of images, I feel they all show her quite differently in each one, also how this subject is comfortable and it was important that she did feel comfortable.

I then show her living in Jamaica, in this short storie which carries on through the photofilm you can really sense the living and what it must have been like, also the street boys that she had raised. For this storie I used a mix of images that were from the subject, these photographs were her treasures, the are that past and that part of her life she sometimes misses but not for the bad memories.

The last part of the photofilm tells the stories of the three boys, two of which have experienced death from abuse and a young man that was hurt from abuse. This last part the subject really pours the memorys out, telling you of the boys she had lost and seen hurt. My aim of this last part is to show this abuse and brutality that is going on in Jamaica. I mean abuse is not just in Jamaica but it is also in many other parts of the world, not from just police. The aim of this project is that it can help the awareness of what is going on and what the government is not doing about it but also it is to make those matters that are aware behind closed doors. I have used the photographs of the boys, I just wish that I had more photographs to show these boys but just having that one photograph you can see these boys, what they looked like and it kind of attaches you to the storie as the storie is told from the subject Jean.

I wanted to use more of my own image because I was so please with all of the images that I had produced but the main part of this awareness is about abuse and also you can bring poverty in to it but this is something that had to be brought in to the future from Jeans past and the best way of showing this in the photofilm was of the use of her own images of what she had collected at that most important time in her life.

Final Task : The life in a Day

November 28, 2011

The stories that I have done to show that reflect the police brutality that goes on  in Jamaica I was going to keep them seperate to the intro of the subject but I have decided that I am going to add this to the end of the photofilm. Having this come in at the end works really well because it the stories, making the last of what people hear, the awareness and the aim in which I am trying to show. I feel with these touching stories at the end it will lead people in anyway that they can to help.

Final Task : The life in a Day

November 28, 2011

I had done a photofilm first of jean and I thought that it was to short and it did not tell you much about her, the life in Jamaica. My choice of photographs were not fantastic aswell, they did not focus on my subject strongly where she briefly tells you a story of her life she will never forget. The images that I had used there was so much going  on in them, the distraction of everything that was around my subject took you away from her, my intentions was to show her house around her, her surroundings, there is still a part of   Jamaica that still lives with her in her own home. The images also show the subject to happy when she is explaining the memorys of sadness. Looking back in my photofilm I have realised my faults and I have now gone back to do a longer version and a redo.


November 28, 2011

Bennetlands is a ghetto community in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica’s capital city – home to 5,000 inhabitants – half of them under 25 and over 2,000 of them unemployed. Once, despite the poverty, Bennetlands was a peaceful place, with daily life revolving around the four main pillars of the community – its primary school, two churches and the S-Corner Clinic which provided health care, support and education for school drop-outs. But in the 1980s war broke out in the region – with rival ‘corner’ gangs fighting a vicious turf battle over Bennetlands’ one high street, terrorising the neighbourhood and preventing children from going to school, and for most of the residents Bennetlands became a prison without bars. This week’s City Life tells how the local leaders joined forces to challenge the local gangs to heal their difference and work together to restore a sense of community in one poor Jamaican neighbourhood.

People & Power looks at the controversial handling of gang violence in Jamaica.


The Final Task : A Life in the Day

November 27, 2011

You should source and develop a subject whose story you tell through the production and broadcast of a “contemporary photographic artifact”; a phrase that we will investigate and clarify over the course of the module. Your decisions throughout this process should build upon and further develop the work we’ve begun in creative workshop and throughout the lecture series.

I have found my subject now I know she has lived in Jamaica for lots of years and she has lived the lifes that alot of people have not lived themeselves, she  has seen the world differently to others and she has lived this life quite dangerously but for this she is proud. I had to get to know my subject and find out something that I feel other people can engage with.  She risked her life being in both Africa and Jamaica at the time of the war, she raised 38 street boys, she saw poverty that we have not seen and she has experienced the good and the bad times of these countries, things she will never be able to forget, she sold everything she owned to help others, to me she is inspirational and interesting. I had to find that one thing about this subject that I really wanted to work on next, then she explained the abuse of police brutality in Jamaica. I wanted to know more about this it was something that I feel could relate to people around the world. She had lost and saw for her self the most astonishing things that people experience over in Jamaica, how these children can not stand up for themeselves.

Think who will be most interested in this story? Who is effected by the issue?

A documentation of a person always attracts someone and this has to be something interesting about the subject, Jean may be the inspiration people may be wanting to read and also people that have always wanted to do what she has done in her life, maybe they want advice from this subject herself, she is a strong character that can give alot of people advice and what they want to know about the living a life in Jamaica. I feel that the main people that would be interested are people that have been effect themeselves by abuse not just from police but loved ones or people that they may not know well or even just like Jean   someone that was so close to her,  and she had lost them from abuse or has seen the hurt of a loved one that is caused from abuse. I feel this can  be of an interest to either an adult or even a child. Also this could effect someone that has moved to the UK from Jamaica and has experienced the abuse from the past but has kept it as a secret in the dark. Abuse is in the world and there needs to be more stopping it, it effects the lives of people and people always keep their state of their life in secret, not letting people know.

How can I actively engage them in the development of this story.

I am going to focus on Jean my subject but I want something from a story that will keep the viewer engaged. I want to use these stories of  what she explains about the abuse to keep people interested, giving them an insight of this abuse it then becomes that engagement and the reflection of others, how these storys may reflect to their own experiences or memory or the fear of the abuse they are experiencing and that someday their own lives could be lost but are to scared to say anything. I want these stories to draw people in, wanting them to know more. I want the first part of Jeans story to paint a picture of the sort of living she had, the experience of her life, the meaning of what these boys mean to her and how they completly changed her life.  Then the second part I want to lead in to the abuse, stories that may engage to others, telling them the process of what the abuse was on these children and also men aswell as herself, the bullying. These stories are real and I want people to listen and see how these people were abused for no reason and how lives were lost, giving you more of an insight into abuse.

How can I get them to take partial ownership (get them to invest)? How can my work become a platform, a hub?

I want my work to encourage people of the awareness of abuse not just in Jamaica but also in England. I want to lead people to organisations that are of great help to abuse, where people can find guidance. I was also going to let viewers that are interested in Jeans story, to give them the chance to ask more, kind of like a forum based place, but that is something that will take time. I have a list of organisations that I am going to ask to look at my own work and if there is anyway in which I can help their organisation with my photography. My aim is to now do a project that reflects abuse, I know it may be hard but it is something I am aiming for and that is to find a subject or a number of subjects that have been effected by abuse and for them to tell a story throughout a project, I will also give the option of their identity to be hidden in the photography, making their voice be their identity, letting people know. I feel this kind of project will give people the chance to come forward more about the issues that are going on in their life and to seek help.

Finding my subject and something that reflects others that she has experienced in her life has made me see things that you dont know is happening around you, making me want to focus my photography on something that could possibly help others or creating a space in which people can be open about their lives and gain the help they need.

Transformative storytelling

November 27, 2011

This story is about the embarrassement of what entailed of getting a younger child on to a train for a pound. My nan used to make my mother look younger so she could get her on the train for a pound when she was 15, you can feel the embarrasment in the subjects voice and how the  subject would have felt at the time and also what she said but the outcome was for the good, it was the only way to get them there and so it becomes something the subject thinks back and realises it was just her way to get the whole family there. I always remember this story getting told to myself and so it was really good to have done a transformative storytelling piece to show this story. With the use of audio to go with the images there is that extra sense of knowing more about the subject and also a photograph straight away.


Transformative Storytelling : From the past of cancer

November 27, 2011

For this transformative storytelling I have chosen to base this story on my grandmother, I have used a varied of images from different years of her life. The audio was quite touching to do as this time was a sad moment for my mother. I find that all of the images show the episodes throughout her life, the cause of which may have been the starting point of the cancer, memorys of when my mother was a child, how she felt  back then, in the story it is given her own voice an opinion of what she thinks was the cause. Each image was hard to find because it was rarely that she was photographed when she smoked all of the time, but these images kind of take you back to this time, and I like how in  each image her age is slightly changing. To show the effect of the cancer I used an image I had took myself, the time of when my nan had her cancer which was years ago it did effect myself and I did photograph the scar that I always had seen after the operation, taking the photograph was like a closeure for myself because this person I thought I was going to lose, that was so close to me and so it also meant alot doing this story. Each image I feel really tells the story as the audio plays, it takes you through a short story but it includes everything of that moment.

Transformative story telling Task

November 27, 2011

Using only found personal images (ie images from family albums, online galleries [that you have permission to use] and local library archives, not published in magazines) research and construct a photo-artefact that weaves a narrative linking the archive population (a story of the people depicted within your chosen set of images).

Development : Build and include a soundscape relevant to your story. Include personal stories from the subjects depicted.

For this transformative story telling I used my family and their past experience and memorys that can tell a story to others.

This is a video of my father, the story of his upbringing as his mother and father raised 12 children, the story follows through with images that are from the past of all the family members together, the story follows through of a memory that he holds with him, remembering the chest drawers with a white blanket in them, the story where he tells you the response of the image that he holds when he was a little boy. The story then follows through of how times were hard, I did find it hard to find images that would go with this audio of his life so I used images of him and his car, the items that were precious to him, they werent alot but they meant alot from the up bringing he had. It then leads near to the end with a very emotional story, the loss of his father, I used images that were from his fathers funeral, with the us of audio you can sense the emotion in the subject and it fits so well with the images. The ending he talks about the strengh of his mother, the woman who had brought these children in to the world, his brothers and sisters. This story I feel is very deep as it is a story that tells you the strengh of this family and the experience of the loss but this strengh always holds. Using the use of audio goes fantastic with each image, I did the audio first then did the images. I did find it hard and spend alot of time on deciding which images I was going to use.