Distribution Plan

My portfolio showcases a variety of projects that focus on social and economical matters that are published in to the media today. I have showed the work that I have produced for a documentary project piece, this was the work that I had displayed in the exhibition. The middle part I have shown the experience from the Newspaper Coventry Telegraph, explaining what skills I had taken from there and learnt while on the placement. In the final piece of my portfolio I have shown the gender projects that I have worked on, as the social matter of gender change is something I am continuing on with for the project called My Gender Change.

The main people that I would approach would be people in the media, I am going to focus on places that produce documentary stories. I would mainly like to contact the BBC and get a work experience placement set up for the summer just one day a week. I have spoke Steve Murphy from the Birmingham Mail who spoke about giving me work experience. I feel that now I have finished university it gives me chance to get some experience there and by sending them my portfolio by e-mail gives them more of a chance to see work that I may not have shown him before.

It’s great that I have now designed a PDF portfolio that I can start sending to people. I think that the PDF portfolio looks neat to look at. I can publish this portfolio in more places than just on my blog and I can consider in taking it to all aspects of the social media hype. I am going to send my PDF portfolio to the people I sent my exhibition invitations to, as all of these contacts produce documentary pieces of work themselves.


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