Wednesday 30th May 2012 – Working in the gallery

Wednesday it was great everyone being in the gallery, it was such a nice and enjoyable working environment. The planned layout that was originally designed was not used in the end and Sadie curated the gallery that would work and fit nicely. I feel the change of the gallery really suited everyones work and it benefited all of us. So Wednesday we was moving walls around a little bit. I sanded the individual walls with others before we painted them. The gallery had to be repainted and this is something that I had helped with that day. No one didn’t really know where they were going because the main concern was getting all of the walls painted so they were ready for Thursday for all the work to start going up.

It did take a long time painting the main walls and the individual walls. I also helped painting the stands on this day. We all worked together and there was alot of communication and team work used between everyone I found.

At the end of the day once all of the walls were dry everyone knew where they were going as Sadie started to move people in to the right places. I helped Paul and Sadie by placing names of where people were being placed. I really enjoyed watching Sadie do the changes and I felt I had learnt something from watching a professional curator changing around people in the gallery so it all worked smoothly.


Above in the photograph is my wall space where I placed my images, this wall was located just before the installation piece.


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