Tuesday 29th May 2012 – Working in the gallery

On Tuesday I arrived at the gallery for 9.30am. When I arrived at the gallery I was asked by Greg the technician to return for 11am this was to help remove all of the pallets from the room in the gallery and also to lift and wheel out the individual walls for the exhibition. First we had to take all of the wood and place it in a pile at the side of the gallery with the rest of the rubbish. The second task was to remove the individual walls for the exhibition in to the main space. These both tasks included alot of heavy lifting and also it was alot of communication between myself, Gregg and two other members of staff. As they were so heavy the two people from one side had to communicate with the other two people on the other side when telling them to start lifting and lowering the walls. After we had got all of the individual walls in to the gallery I helped Sadie go by the plan that was created and myself, Gregg and Craig moved the individual walls around in to the places that it said on the layout. Due to all of the walls and wood being in  the room where I was showing the installation piece, it had to be sweeped and moped twice because of all the dust.

Once it was clean in the room I was able to go in to the room with Gregg and sort where the projector and the wires were going. By Tuesday afternoon I had the installation piece ready in the room.

Later that day I helped Sadie and another curator to help them with holding a wall while they started to take it apart. The display stands were in the gallery so me and Julia sanded the display stands and started painting them. We helped clean up alot of stuff that needed to be removed from the gallery.

Tuesday 29th May 2012 myself and Julia left the gallery at 7.30pm.


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