Thursday 31st May 2012 – working in the gallery

This was the final day before the exhibition. Everyone came in and they knew where they were all placed. On this day it was about making sure that everyones work was up and ready for Friday. Now that everyones work was ready to go up this gave me chance to get in to the installation space and gaffer tape the wires in the room. I had a wall in the main part of the gallery and I had measured up the wall on where to securely place my prints. As me and Bijash were on the walls next to eachother we helped each other out with our images and worked as a team to get them level and correct.

I was given a job by Paul to sand the table that the exhibition catalogues were going to be placed on. I sanded the table and painted it twice so it was nice and white for the exhibition launch night.

Once my own work was all ready I helped others with theirs if they needed help, and stuck around until everyone left.

At the end myself and a few other people stayed to clear all the floor and removed all of the paint that was stuck to the floor. We started from working at the top of the gallery to the bottom.


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