Press Release

The Press Release was a role that I had shared with Nicola. The press release was done by the press office at Coventry University this contact was made by Nicola. We both had to wait a while to recieve the final and finished press release. We found that after we had recieved it we both had little time to be able to get the press release to places. It was great though because the press release was on the Coventry University website which would bring a lot of people. Me and Nicola shared the contacts that we had both researched. All of these people were contacted by both Nicola and myself.  Newspapers in different cities were more focused on their local area. I think because of the amount of time that we had and because it was such a  short amount of time until the exhibition after recieving the press release, there was no way it was getting to places.  We both tried really hard though and we had both also researched magazines to contact but because most magazines are printed on certain dates and they were out before the exhibition. I think that we both learnt that with press release you do need more time and to focus on a variety of different media. This is something that we can both reflect on in the future. After recieving the finished press release  we could see how a press release is designed for if we ever both need to do one. Even when sending the emails I was sending over the poster incase they were willing to advertise it anywhere.


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