Leaflet distributing Friday 25th May,Saturday 26th May and Sunday 27th May 2012

I had been given alot of leaflets for the exhibition and I had placed these in artistic places where I thought that people would be interested in coming to the exhibition. These leaflets were by the university and they had the photography degree show advertised aswell as the media and art. I went to places where they are busy to place the leaflets. I went to Birmingham Art Gallery and placed some leaflets there, I also approached the Mac Gallery in Edgbaston. I placed a few in Birmingham library as this is always visited by a varied of different people. I then walked down towards the Custard Factory and left some in there, back towards the city center on Digbeth Street I went to Friction Arts and left some in  there as well. I dropped some off at the Alexandra Theatre and also the Symphony Hall on the leaflet stand.

In Coventry I had left the leaflets in the Belgrade Theatre, The Herbert Art Gallery and also the information stand in the Cathedral Grounds.

I had placed the leaflets in a varied of places and I do hope that this gathered more people to come and see the Coventry University Exhibitions.


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