Reflective Analysis

I have really enjoyed the project ‘From One Home To Another’, and I feel that by keeping to a planned schedule I was able to complete everything that I wanted to achieve on time. I still feel that there is more that I can do with this project, and it is one I’m going to carry on working with in the future. There are still many more stories that can be told, and many more ways of creating documentary pieces for this project. I have experienced being around a new subject, and I have learnt how to make them feel more comfortable around me when doing a project. My aim was to document Jean, my subject, telling the viewers her stories and her feelings towards adapting between two different cultures and countries. I feel that I have achieved what I wanted to do. This is something, an expression of feelings which I am happy with. I have completed what I set out to do and I am happy with the results.

My project did change slightly at the last minute; originally, I was going to have the photographs that went with the audio stories in a cabinet, and this cabinet would hold also possessions that belonged to Jean. From the feedback, I was able to get advice that really helped me and my method of presentation that I was going to use. In the feedback a documentary photo film was suggested, and after this I had a good think about it and it made a lot of sense to change my concept from photographs to a photo film. The story can be made clearer as a documentary photo film, and I have been able to gain more knowledge of Final Cut Pro software from this method. The knowledge I have learnt has been an experience, both self-teaching and through others. I have only ever used the software once before this, and by deciding to present my project as a photo film, I now feel more confident now when editing in Final Cut Pro.

I have realised from doing this project, From One Home To Another, that in the future I want to carry on doing documentary projects. I think that this is due to me always being interested in portraying stories, but also after sitting and learning Final Cut Pro. This is because the software is what I feel comfortable with using and I want to carry on using it and trying new and different techniques of producing a project. My interviewing skills have also improved through my research for this film. If I compare my interview skills from when starting the process, I feel as if I am now a confident and very good interviewer, his allows me to put together a story in a much better way.

I am very happy with the photographs I have captured and I feel they show my subject well. My own photographs concentrate on Jean being back in England. At the end of the photo film she tells the viewer her thoughts of being back here and what it feels like to return after being away for so long. I feel that if I had the chance to do this project again, I would not change the photographs that are placed on the wall, nor would I change the images that are used in the section of the film. I really like the way each photograph is different to the last; it reminds me of how each person has their own different stories.

One problem I have had with this project is that I have dented one of my printed images. I am lucky in a way, though, because this was an image that I was unsure of showing in the exhibition. This has taught me, however, to be a lot more careful with my final prints. If it was one of my favorites then I would not have been happy, I would have had to get it replaced, meaning it would cost me a lot more money I did not plan to spend.

Overall I am happy with every outcome of this project, but I still feel there is more I can do with it and I plan to expand on what I’ve learnt, trying different techniques and ways of documenting my projects. I have the idea of maybe recording Jean in future and making a film rather than a photo film.

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