Meeting at the gallery to talk about where people will be positioned in the gallery

Wednesday 16th May I had agreed to meet with Sadie the curator, Gregg the technician and Nicola, who was going to be showing a photo film for the exhibition, at the Lanchester Gallery. Originally, it was supposed to be just us meeting over at the gallery to discuss how Nicola and myself could use the room between us but then most of the class came over but it was good because others got to sort out their place in the exhibition. Nicola and I were going to have headphones available, so the  photo films could be listened to by one person. Yet, this changed because when we all discussed this there was the problem of how there would be a queue to be able to listen to it. Busy people will not want to queue for long and some people may not want to wear headphones that are worn by the public.  So we all decided that it would be better that one person would be in the room and another would be in the main part and Nicola said she would go in the main part. Our photo films will now be loud so everyone can listen to both of our documentary photo films for our projects, but in different areas. My main worry is that if I am having a projector that will be showing my work the room will have to have little light so how am I going to be able to show my photographs clearly? One of the curators mentions lamps but I am worried that it will look untidy and its the thought about how they would be powered.

Next things to discuss and resolve:

  • Talk to Sadie about the lighting in the room where I will be place and how my images will be shown clearly
  • Also, how my images will be hung. The images have to be hung because  they are mounted

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