Finished documentary photo film

Here is the finished documentary photo film, which is now complete. This is what will be shown in the exhibition and will be running from a projector. The photo film has taken a long time to sort out, mostly deciding which parts went where and how to narrate it with the correct images. One day was took up with Jean sorting out the images and listening through the audio bit-by-bit to get the right photographs for the parts. I have learnt alot more on Final Cut Pro now, which I believe is great as I feel alot more comfortable with using the editing software. It is great to play the final piece, I definetly think that my interviewing process has improved, and cutting down the stories has made them more strong.  The main stories made their way in nice and short but not going on for so long. I want this documentary to catch the viewer and so they can learn the journey that Jean had taken in her life. For them to listen to the two different lives she had and how the experiences differed; the english living compared to the foreign living and the re-adaption after being away for a very long time.


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