Discussion with Sadie (university gallery curator) regarding the exhibition 21/5/12

I spoke to Sadie first about how I will light the photographs that will be on the wall in a dark  space as my photo film will be playing and she said it was best to talk to Gregg. I spoke to Gregg and he said about clip lights that he has but it is whether he can get hold of them and then it is deciding on where these clip lights will clip to. I am hoping that Gregg can get hold of the clip lights for me as they would look really good. He suggested I went back over to Sadie and she does not know how many mains there are in the room that I will be placed in and this is something we will not know until Friday 25th May. Friday 25th May I am meeting Gregg over at the gallery at 1pm to make decisions and also to look at how many mains are available. I am hoping that I can transport my roll of  back drop to the university Friday so I can size that and keep it safe at the university ready.


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