Final Cut Pro research and editing process

Following yesterday I had figured out what I had done wrong and why my images were looking blurry as they were dragged onto the the timeline in Final Cut Pro. This was due to not changing the settings when starting the new project. My original setting was set at

NTSC-CCIR 601 DV (720 x 480)

To resolve my problems and make the images clearer and also the fades are alot clearer when changing to this setting;

frame size: 1440 x 1080

HD 1440 x 1080 (16;9)

Field Dominance: None

Rate: 48khz

Depth 16 bit

my video was now clear, showing the text and images, and also the fades were not jumping on each image.

Below I have shown screen shots of the video transitions that I have used. I decided to use the “fade in fade out dissolve”. I placed this fade at the end of an edit, I used the duration time of 00:00:3;00 if there was a larger space between images but if the space varied and was shorter then I would use 00:00:2;00 and 00:00:1;00. Also in the screen shots I have shown the process of how to make these video transitions from the effects section, and then the process when “right-clicking” the mouse. This then gives you the options of altering the duration and where you want the fade effect to be placed on the image. I found out how to do this myself from previous research that I had done from a tutorial on Youtube (this can be found in my previous post).

I then decided to add some music that I had already edited in Audacity and this is a track from Dennis Brown called Love has found its way. I thought this would connect well as he is mentioned in the photo film. I have just put it in for now just to test and ask others opinions before putting the final film to disc.

I wanted to add a “loop-play” to my photo film so when it is on at the exhibition it will automatically replay itself. I had watched this video and I have put the marks in where I wanted the video to start and then marked out at the end where I wanted my video to finish. This made me make sure that the loop play is selected.  I have also shown in the screen shots the next process of clicking on “mark”, then going from there to “play” and then selecting “in” to “out”.

When I  downloaded my video, it made me realise that the play back loop did not work. This is the only thing I now need to sort on the video and whether or not I am using the music at the introduction.

Things that I need to resolve and then I am finished

  • A working play back loop in the video and one that is clear
  • Decision on whether or not to use music in the introduction

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