Final Cut Pro research and editing process

I have not used final cut pro for a long time, this is due to using Sony Vegas Pro. I have forgotten how to use Final Cut Pro, from even the simplest task of  creating a title. Therefore, I carried out reseasrch, by doing this I re-capped my memory of how to use the programme. Below is a video that I have followed to create my title.

I then wanted to add some motion to text. I had seen an edited text before where it was expanded out when the video played. This is a text that I liked the look of and wanted to use in my work. After searching through videos on search engines I finally found a tutorial on how I could  do the effect to my own text in Final Cut Pro.

I knew how to place everything on the timeline with the audio and images to match this audio.

I wanted to create some fades into the video, these would be after titles and before each of the images. Below I have shown one of the tutorials that I had watched on how to do this when using Final Cut Pro. The video shows all the different video transition effects. I mainly liked the fade in and this was the effect that I had used at the end of a photograph at the duration time of 00:00:2;00. I found that this duration worked really well as it made the fade last longer on the image.


Here is my video so far. I have sat patient for a long time trying to figure out how to make my images look a lot more clearer. I understand that the scanned photographs used will be less clear than the photographs I have taken. But, to my surprise my own photographs were actually not clear enough when in the film. This is the problem I need to fix and this is the next thing I want to ressolve. Another thing that I want to ressolve is the fades as to me I feel the photograph jumps at the end of the fade, I am not used to fades in Final Cut Pro so this is something I am going to experiement with more. I found that watching this video on a large projector I could notice where I needed to ressolve things to make the photo film better. I also want to add some music at the start to give a feel of Jamaica and have this quiet and then finish it by fading it out when the talking starts. I will experiment with the music and see how it works out.

What I need to do next:

  • Ressolve the image problems
  • Place in clear fades after titles and between images
  • Decide on whether to use music as an intro, to create the Jamaican style
  • Finish with rendering and saving as a HD film

Once I have worked out all these points the I think th photofilm will be complete.


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