Sorting images of which order to present them 15/5/12

In my spare room, I have a large space to work with when figuring out the order of my photographs. I placed all of my images down to see which order I should present my images in and also how I should have them placed on the wall. Below I have shown my process of the moving them around and testing different orders and different ways of presenting.I really enjoyed moving my images around as it gave me chance to look at all of them together and it made it clearer each time which way I wanted to show them all. It was a hard process on how I was going to show these final images but even just picking them was even harder. When picking these final images I asked a varied of peoples opinions before buying them and I found that helped for people to let me know what they thought.

After trying a range of different ways of how I want to present my images along side my projector film this was my favourite and the way in which I will be presenting my images for the exhibition.




These are other placements that I had tried out:





I have decided that the image below is the one that I want to use first before the eight that are placed out, this will be before these eight places in the middle of them.


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