Organising the photographs for the photo film with Jean – 3/5/12


Now I have decided that I am going to present my project in a photo film documentary I know now what me and Jean will be doing on our Thursday together. We sat and listened to the final edited pieces of audio and matched photographs with the different parts of the story. This was a long process as we had a lot to go through and also we wanted to get the right photographs for the right parts of the story. It was a lot of playing the audio and stopping it at the different parts to find the right images and then carrying on with playing the audio. I have a lot of photographs now to work with for the documentary photo film. My next step will be the scanning of these photographs and editing some of the photographs that may need some changes to better the quality.

I did enjoy doing this and collecting more images because I  noticied that Jean got more and more excitied when going through the stories. Some of the day was quite emotional, as we travelled back  to old photographs and memories the experience really brought a tear to her eye.

In total I have twenty-two photographs to work with for the Jamaica story and for Ethiopia I have thirty-one photographs to also work with for the photo film.

When we met we spoke together about music and we both agreed it would be good to have music at the start of the audio to introduce the different countries. She even said that it takes her back just listening to the music. With this in mind, it would be a good idea to add music anf it will also break the stories up in a natural way.

The part of music that will be used before the Jamaica story will be a song by Dennis Brown called Love has found its way. It will be nice to have a song by Dennis Brown to start with as she mentions in the audio, of how the stars helped her and in the photo film I will be showing a photographs of herself with Dennis Brown.

For the introduction of Ethiopia I will be using the song called Neway debebe yemanesh enkoy by Abyssinia Gurl


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