Decision of which part of the music I might be using

Below I have shown the original song from the artists Dennis Brown, his songs called Love has found its way and Neway Debebe, Abyssinia Gurl’s song,  Yemanesh enkoy. Underneath each of the songs I have shown the parts of the songs that I have edited out to use for the documentary photo film, and the music will introduce the story of Jamaica and Ethiopia.


Dennis Brown – Love has found its way:

This is the first edit that I have done from Dennis Brown’s song. These words were the beginning of the song after the instrumental introduction. I feel that the first words that are sung really match with the story and Gypsy’s (aka Jean) journey. I am unsure whether this is too long before the story comes in. I am also unsure on whether the two lots of voices are quite confusing as it goes from the song and then straight in to the story.

To make it shorter I have done a second edit, this was using the beginning intro of the song. This was a lot shorter and I feel it gives the feel of Jamaica, therefore it reflects the story well. I feel that the structure is nice as the only voices that begin are myself and Gypsy’s and this is when the story begins.


I have taken the beginning of this song for the edit. I really like the start and it gives you the feel of Ethiopia, this creates a feeling of change, to represent the new scene, a different country with a new story.

I am really unsure about the music and whether it will take the viewers concentration away from the documentary photo film. I will most probably decide on the music when I watch through the film myself when creating it.


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