Questions asked at interview with Jean – 26/4/12


My research on how to ask questions was by listening to Ruby Wax and Women’s Hour on Radio 4. The process of doing this made it easier for me to structure my own interview. Before interviewing Jean I had planned out questions that worked in a timeline structure, this is so there is a narrative in the end result of the interview.

I planned out these questions and wrote them down and Jean found this process alot easier. When there was times I thought we had to re-do a part I found it best to subtlely interupt Jean by as hand signal or my voice. I felt that I could guide her as she was talking, this meant there was a lot of communication throughout the interview. In the interview, I started with the question, “What inspired you to move from England?” At the end of the interview I asked,  “What was it like coming back to England after being away for so long?”  I believe this was a great question to end the interview on because it brings us back to where she came from, that is England.

We began focusing on the story of Jamaica first as this was her first journey. Then I used the same questions which were asked for Jamaica when we moved onto the story of Ethiopia.

The first questionasked in the interview:  What inspired you to move from England?


These were the questions that I had asked for both of these stories:

How long were you in Jamaica/Africa?

What did you experience in those countries that you have never experienced before?

What were the most memorable parts of your journey?


End question: What was it like coming back to England after being away for so long?


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