Presentation and Feed Back

Today I presented my presentation to my mentor Suky Best and also Tom Hunter. I explained the project, the research that I had been doing in the module. I also explained the different documentaries that I have been watching to give me a clear understanding of how to structure my own audio piece of Jean’s story, along with showing one audio piece that I had edited. In the presentation I said how I was unsure on the type of cabinet I was going to use to present the photographs. I was going to have the two pieces of audio piece on either side of the cabinets and in the cabinets there would be photographs that narrate and travel with the audio. In the feedback Suky said that I should just stick with doing a photofilm and showing it as a documentary piece of work in an installation for the exhibition. The mentors liked the audio and said it kept them engaged and that it tells more of a story than the actual photographs. After hearing the feedback on the audio from the mentors and listening back to audio I have found that I did do a really good audio piece. I feel the good result of the audio is definetly from listening to the documentaries in my reasearch along with the interviews. The interviewing research has definitely made my interviewing structure a lot stronger, which then makes it easier to listen to because it flows simply.  I agree that my original plan of the audio attached to the cabinets, with the items in the cabinet and also my own photographs on the wall would look too cluttered. I think that I have made a mistake from buying prints as I now have ten prints that have cost me a total of  £240. Then again, I believe we learn for our experiences, and it was not a mistake but more of a learning curve. This is something I can reflect on in the future.

 After University I am going to approach gallerys and see if they will put my piece of work on exhibition, so I will be able to show these photographs then. I am hoping that I can somehow get to use the photographs somewhere in my exhibition space, maybe before the installation piece to show Jean, the subject, but this is something I need to think about more.

Due to changing my original plan I have now spoken with Gregg because I need to change the equipment I have booked out. For my orinigal project plan I had booked out two Edirol R09 kits, but now I have had to request a computer, a projector and headphones. It depends on whether the projector equipment and computer is available but hopefully it will be. If the equipment is not available I will have to go with my orginal plan but try and make it a little less cluttered so it is easy for the viewer to absorb.


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