After speaking to Sadie the Coventry University Curator for Lanchester Gallery

I was not sure on what size prints to go for as I  was not sure how much space I was going to get, as this was still a decesion that had not been decided. I thought that before I went ahead and brought the mounted prints I would go and speak to Sadie. My final decision for print sizes were 12×16, but I was not sure if these were too big. I started thinking whether I should go for a smaller size of 11×14 instead and choose fewer prints to show in the exhibition.

After speaking to Sadie she asked what size I think the images would look best at and I said 12×16. therefore, she said I should go for this size, because then I definitely know that because they are smaller I will have the space to display them in.  I also asked whether I should show less than ten prints and she said that ten prints will be fine. This made me pleased that I could show the full amount I wnated to show and had planned to show.  Sadie also suggested a corner installation and also about doing art work on the wall space that was similar to Jean’s living room that was shown in the photographs, so this is something that I am going to consider and I am thinking of doing.


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