Visit to our Mentor in London

We went to London to visit our mentors. Each group went off together because we have the same mentor. Chloe, Larissa and Craig and I got dropped off, and we went to go and meet Suky Best. After meeting her she took us to an installation piece that was created by David Hall. The reason why she took us there was for us to see the installation, and for us to observe how the artist uses audio in his work. I suppose this would help us think about how we were going to use audio in our exhibition. I found that is was great because it showed a different way to show imagery and not just through photography prints.  After the viewing of the installation we went to the place where Suky Best’s studio space is located. We all sat down and discussed all of our ideas for the exhibition and how far we was all up to. I decided to take the images that I had done so far with Jean to get some feedback. I felt that by taking the photographs, it gave me an idea of what other kind of photographs I could capture of Jean on our last shoot. Suky suggested taking photographs of Jean in her home in a day, following her as if I am not there for a whole day. I thought that the feedback was great and so this was what I was going to do on the next and last shoot with Jean. When we had all discussed where we were at she took us to the Tate Gallery and it was nice to have gone to this place as we are so close to showing our work in the exhibition. It was as if we could visualise our own work in the surrounding. It was nice to see different work and the different ways works are presented.


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