Research on Tina Barney

Tina Barney is a photographer that I have also concentrated on looking at. I looked at her work because of how she shows her subjects in their home environments, showing context around the subjects that she captures. I was looking at the context around the subjects; the ways in which she places her subjects and how they are posed in the images or how in different images the subjects look un-posed but relaxed. The context is the main reason and how it echoes when captured in the photographs. Tina captures large scale images of her friends and family in their homes. I like how in each photograph she shows her subjects in different ways and how well she portrays the context of their homes in each image. What I also love about her work if the fact it is like she is not there in some of the photographs, capturing people as they are not focused in on the camera, being their natural selves. In a home the environment is what portrays the person and their personality and I love how Tina portrays each of the individual personalities.


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