Research on Richard Billingham

I have always enjoyed the work by Richard Billingham and this was a photographers work that I had looked at. I liked the work that he did called Rays A Laugh. I saw his work in the photo book that he had done for this project. Richard documents his father who is an alcoholic and his over weight mother who is tattooed. I love all of the images that he had captured, he documents them so closely. He shows his parents real characters and their personality is incredibly strong in each image. What I like also is that every image is different but the main reason that I have looked at this photographer is as it is documenting subjects in their home environment, showing a varied of contexts of the subjects around them. I need ways to show my subject and the context around her, which is why looking at the work by Richard Billingham has really put me on track, giving me ideas for my own work. It makes me think of different ways I can capture Jean. 


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