Research BBC 4 Ruby Wax interviews

My mentor Suky Best had suggested to watch an interview by Ruby Wax which play on BBC Radio 4. I watched the interview she did with Shelley Winters. At the start of the interview she does not introduce who the subject is. She is still interviewing but  she starts off by saying her own thoughts on Shelley Winters.

I enjoyed Rub’ys techniqueof making the interview casual and informal. It is as if Ruby is just sitting and having a conversation with Shelley which presents itself as a comfortable approach to interviewing. Watching the interview has gave me more of an idea on how to produce an interview in a conversational style. I feel that she has done this so well as she brings up certain parts about the subjects life to find out about this specific moment. I feel like she focuses on the moments that have a narrative to them from Shelley’s life. Ruby joins in with the conversations as she says small sentences that link to the response Shelley gives, and also by agreeing with her subject. The interviewer puts herself in the same shoes as the person being interviewed. We see this as Ruby questions if certain things are right, which is what the interviewee questionned in the first place. She has the skill of making the interviewee feel relaxed, which means you can really feel them open up to Ruby as they both have a laugh together.  

Ruby’s way of interviewing, I feel, has made Shelley Winters feel really comfortable throughout the whole of the interview. This can be seen in the signs of the way Shelley is sitting. She is sitting in a comfortable position because she is made to feel at ease. Therefore, the subject tells more about the life she has had without any holding back of thought.

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