Photographs of locations before the Birmingham City Centre shoot with Jean

Before doing the photoshoot with Jean in Birmingham City Centre I decided to go and take photographs of the locations I wanted to capture her in. I wanted these locations to be obvious, in the way that they will be noticable places for people who know or have visited Birmingham. I felt that going and taking photographs before the shoot and then to print them off for the day of the shoot made me feel organised. The process really helped as I had already marked exactly where I wanted Jean to stand in these locations. This planning did not just make me feel organised, but also the day was more organised and no time was wasted. By having this planning it had given me a mind map of where I wanted to go on the shoot. Below I have shown the photographs and the markings of where I got Jean to stand for the shoot, also the order of where we shot, from start to the very last location.



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