Feed back from mentor Suky Best over Skype

Suky Best said that I need to rethink about my title for my final major project and this is something that I also agree on as it does not feel strong enough. The title is one of the major parts of the project, it is what tells people and gives them an idea of what the exhibition is about. This is something I really need to focus on aswell as all of the other work. I am going to redo my proposal to make it more clearer and understandable. I found the skype feedback really helpful, it made me realise that I did not focus on showing any context in my images that I was creating with Jean. This was something that I need to do so people can engage with the images and also the audio.

While on skype we asked each other questions. She did this process to get clear information of where the subject repeats the question with the answer. I suppose it is a kind of research in which can b reflected upon. For example, one of her questions was “Donna what did you have for breakfast this morning?” and repeat the question. My answer was, “This morning I had a breakfast bar for breakfast”. I know that these may seem like simple questions but I have  never thought of asking my subject to repeat the question with the answer, and it does make it more clear to understand what they are talking about. These techniques helped me think of ways in which I can get information from my subject and create a clear story to show the viewers. She said to interview someone and try and find out what they have done in a whole day by asking questions and asking them to repeat the questions with the answer and have this last for 3 minutes. This is something that I am going to do next as a task to help me think about what questions I want to ask Jean to get clear answers for a story. By doing this process I am hoping Jean and I can get all the audio recorded in one day and then that gives me more time to work on it. I was going to use background noise from DVD’s of Jean in the audio but after talking to Suky I feel that the audio of just her voice will keep people engaged. Having only the voice makes it more simple, yet with it being simple I believe it makes it more effective.  There are no interruptions in her story as this may take the viewers interest away from my piece of work. Suky also suggested to listen to a series on BBC 4 of Ruby Wax interviewing, as with her interviewing process she asks the subjects questions. Also, to listen to lots of Women’s Hour on Radio 4 to see how they interview and how the interview techniques differ.


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