2nd shoot with Jean – 8/3/12

Date of Shoot: 8/3/12

On the second shoot with Jean we met in Birmingham City Centre. I wanted to show her in the city that she had come back to, as I wanted to show her adaption from one country to another. I felt it would be a good idea to show her in her home town of Birmingham. Also, when photographing her I like the idea of having a mix of people, of different cultures in the scene.  I focused on capturing Jean in obvious  Birmingham locations, this is so people know what city it is straight away when looking at the photograph. Before the shoot I went to Birmingham and captured images of the areas  where I wanted to shoot Jean. I felt that by doing this before the main shoot I would have more of a plan of walking and also of where to position my subject on the day of the photo shoot. For research regarding this shoot, I focused on the photographer Richard Renaldi’s work as he photographed subjects in the environment that they feel comfortable in. On the day I actually took some print outs of the locations, marking the positions I wanted to place Jean and also print outs of Richard’s work so I could show Jean examples of how he gets his own subjects to stand and also that I could take a quick glance of his work on the shoot, as a reminder.

On the location shoot we first went to the market at the Bull Ring, in Birmingham City Centre. I liked how I had captured Jean in her home town and the array of characters around Jean at the market. I feel she stands out from everyone else that is around her in the photographs. I felt my subject did feel uneasy as she was out of her comfort zone, outisde of  her home and I felt this did effect the photographs but they show the character of her, and this consciousness of being somewhere that must still feel like new, which I suppose she experienced when travelling.

These photographs were taken just before the council house in Birmingham. In these photographs I felt my subject did feel alot more relaxed in this environment and this must have been because there was hardly any people around. You can tell how relaxed she is as she looks a lot more confident in these photographs. This shows when you look at the posture she is portraying in each of the photographs I have taken. It is as if she is trying to get across a message when in these postures.

When we got to the council house in Birmingham I felt the the nervousness had come back in each image. I felt that this tension that my subject was feeling in  the environment worked really well in the photographs, and the photograph above  is one of my favourites from this location. She poses showing an edgy feel, a shifty expression. We can see this as she clenches on to her arm, covering her body as she poses. The body language carries its own story. I like how she is standing and how on either side of Jean the buildings surround her from each side. It does not show the location of Birmingham so obvious but I really like the framing of my subject in the photograph.

I did feel that trying all of these different locations I could see how she would react and how confident she was in each of the locations.

I could see my subjects confidence in each photograph from the posture she was portraying.

This photograph really reminds me of Richard Renaldi’s work (a photographer who I have looked at in my research). I feel that it is similar to his work from the way she is posing, especially with the confidence she is showing in the pose.

As you can see in these last two photographs my subject feels alot more confident, this is because there is hardly anyone around which meant she could be herself without having to be aware of others around her.


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