1st shoot with Jean – 1/3/12

Date of Shoot: 1/3/12

For the first shoot I concentrated on capturing a range of portraits of Jean. I looked at Brett Walker’s work for inspiration on capturing portrait shots. I looked at the way the subjects posed, and also the different lighting and smoking techniques that are used in his series of portrait photographs. I captured some photographs where Jean was not looking into the camera. I thought this was agreat exercise in making her get to know me by taking it slow. These styles of photographs  remind me of Tom Hunter’s works. Hunter is another photographer that I had looked at and he captures his subjects as they look out of their window. This window image I got Jean to do as she gazes out of the window and the reflection of patterns from her curtains on to her skin, I got that idea from Brett’s light reflection portrait photographs. All of the portrait photographs reflect more on the research that I had done on the photographer Brett Walker. I feel that some portrait photographs really do show Jean but they do not tell the story too well.

These are the firsts shots that I had captured on the shoot, I got the reflection on to the skin idea from researching the photographer Brett Walker. I really like the sun reflections on the skin as it reflects the pattern from the netted curtain.  This pattern is also similar to Jeans earrings, so I find they look really interesting and I have made the image find connection in a new way, which is bringing together the similar pattern of the net and the earrings. The second image is my favourite, as I am looking at Jean’s adaption of coming back to the UK,. To me, I feel she is in a state of pure concentration as she views the world from outside of her home.  In this photograph I also like how she is captured, as her arm is relaxed and also her posture in the photograph. The photographs after the second image I have captured are close up photographs. I have darkened the image in some and also kept some quite light. By making the image darker the reflection of the curtain on the skin is much sharper, this is similar to Brett’s work as he shows the reflection so dark that the shadow takes over the face, which means the detail of the face is now unseen and replaced by darkness. I feel that trying different lighting for these portraits worked really nicely on the skin where the skin is like a canvas for the art of light to splash upon it.

I feel this is similar to a photograph by Brett Walker that I have shown in my research. The photograph I am comparing it to is of a woman and the smoke covers over one of her eyes. I feel that Jean really connects with the camera, there is quite alot of emotion in her face. I wanted to show Jean as she is in her own world as she smokes as I feel this is something that has been inspired from when she was over in Jamaica and Africa.  I want to show one of these images as it shows how relaxed my subject is as she does something that she enjoys. I feel there is so much character in eachgof the photographs from using the smoke in the image, giving it a fantastic effect.

This was a photograph that I had captured after the smoke and I don’t really like this image because my subject comes across as being tense and not relaxed.Smoking is what she enjoys, it is part of making her feel relaxed in her own home.

I like this portrait photograph because Jean is not looking into the camera. I took the photograph at the time when we were talking about her life in Jamaica and Africa, as you can see these places play a big part in her heart, her hapiness shines in this one photograph. It is as if she is not looking into the camera because her mind has positively travelled away.

This is a close up photograph taken after, where she still holds the happiness and joy in the expression she shows. I like this close up photograph because I find the photograph is quite intimate as it shows her so close up.

She always says that she wants to go back one more time before she closes her eyes. This is something I have always remembered about Jean from one of our audios we have produced before. I captured this photograph after we stop talking. I feel this photograph portrays her thoughts of what she is feeling right now in her life, and where she would like to be.

The use of hands have been shown in the photographs. I had got this idea from Brett Walkers photographs. I feel with the use of her hands in the portrait photographs it adds more of her. I am showing another part of her body in the portait photograph and I feel it also adds to the framing of the subject. In the last image you can see her jewellery that she wears, inspired to the life she has lived and her Rastafarian beliefs in life.


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