Budget & Resources

Budget and Resources

Print Type:  Fuji Matt

Print Size:

12×16 = £7.60×10 = £76

Mounting Type:  Foamex PVC

Mounting Size:

3mm, 12×16 = £10.52×10 = £105.2

Description of Project, Text Print A4: £6.15

Masking tape: £5

Velcro Tape: £10


Hire out one Edirol R09 Kit x2

Safe box for the Edirol kit that will be drilled to the back of the display stand to keep the audio kit safe: £5.00

Display Cabinet in case I am not able to get one for free or one already made

Table: £20 if I cannot get one for free to build on top of

MDF Price: £30

Perspex Price: £30

Lock for cabinet: £2.00

Paint: £10

Bracket: £2

Total: £301.35

Above is a budget list of everything that I need for the exhibition and the total cost. From making the budget list and the  resource list I know everything that I need to get for the exhibition. By knowing the final cost I can make sure that I have this money saved so I am able to get everything done in time for the hand in of the final major project and also the exhibition. Now I have done my list for resources and budgets for the first time I have more of an idea for the future and any other exhibitions that I plan to do.  A budget and resource list is something that I would need to do if I am applying for funding for a project or sponsorship, or even for a job, or perhaps exhibitions. This means that doing this gives me more knowledge and insight on the process of making the list and what I need to include in my list.

After making the list I didn’t think that everything would cost so much but this budget list gives you more of a realistic price rather than an estimated price or predicted.


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