Anticipated Method of Presentation

Below, is rough sketch of how I want the presentation of my area to be shown in the exhibition. In the drawing it shows the sizes of photographs and how I want to lay them out and present them in the exhibition, with a total of 10 photographs at the size of 12 x 16. These photographs will be laid out on a 3 meter wall space. I have also shown how I want my display-cabinet to look like, this is not showing the accurate size in the drawing as this is still something that I am still deciding on. I do not  want the display-cabinet to be placed where it is shown in the drawing. This is because I see it being placed in the center. As you can see in the drawing, I have shown where the safe boxes will be positioned as they are drilled to the display cabinet, inside of these safe boxes will be an audio kit, there will be a hole drilled for the head phone wire to come out of. On each sides of the display cabinet there are brackets where the headphones can sit on, this is so they are not just going to be thrown on the floor and people will take more care of them at the exhibition. This will keep up the professionalism of the presentation. I have also shown plug sockets at either side of the display-cabinet. This is so the audio kits can run from the electric mains so the battery do not run out. There will be another drilled hole in the safe box where this wire can run through.


Wall space

Edirol R09 Kit x2

Mains electric for Editor Kits to run off

Head phones x2

Brackets for head phones

Display cabinet


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