Artist Statement

Below is my artist statement that I have produced. In the statement  it includes what I, as a photographer enjoy capturing and what inspires me, how, and why I do what I do from my own perspective.

Donna Bridgewater

Photography gives me the freedom to document someone’s life and their story. My desire is finding these subjects; with the use of a camera I begin to tell their story. I want to express these people’s trials and fortunes throughout each of my projects. An image that includes a story can help change a person’s life. The love I have for documentary photography is what inspires me to keep searching for subjects to portray. The project that I am doing tells the story of a woman who gave up everything to help the less fortunate.

We had to chose a photograph with the statement just as an example of the kind of photography that I will be doing.  I have chose this photograph below, as I feel it shows my subject well.

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