Tom Hunter Research

I have looked at the photographer Tom Hunter and his photographs where he captures travellers in their homes and also the people that he portrays. These people were getting evicted from their homes in Hackney, London. These people were made out to be really bad people as this was how they were shown in the media. I liked how Tom photographs the people in their homes as if he is not there as a photographer.  The subjects look like they are in their own comfortable environment and it is that beauty that he shows in the images, a natural approach on capturing people’s daily life. I also like how there is so much emotion when you look at each of the subjects in their home- happiness, sadness and also worry.

I like the way in which he shows each subject in their home, just as they do their own thing- as they look out of the window, the family life in the homes, working in their homes. Looking at the images when the subjects are not looking at the camera it makes you wonder as to what they are feeling. Tom shows each of the lifestyles of each person so well and it definitely puts the subjects in a good light in the media, as well as the area it is happening in.

After looking at Tom Hunter’s photographs I have now got more of an idea on what kind of styles of images I want to capture of Jean in her home. I am going to produce photographs of her as she draws because  she says she can sense Jamaica and Africa when she does this. Her drawings are vibrant just like her character. They are influenced from the life that she has had in Jamaica and Africa. I am also going to capture photographs as she looks at her photographs from her life in Jamaica and Africa, this is something that she does regularly in her spare time. She always says “before I close my eyes I want to revisit the places one last time”. I am going to take an array of photographs in her home environment as if I am not there, innocently and naturally capturing her performing her daily tasks. I feel that Tom’s work has really inspired me for this shoot and these are ideas that I have thought of after researching into his work. It has helped me think how strongly you can show a character.

My favourite photographs that I like that Tom has taken are the ones that show the windows and the subjects as they look out of the window. reflecting upon this, I think it is something I want to try and create with Jean. I think it would be interesting to capture Jean in my images when she is looking out of her window, viewing the world that used to feel so new. The stranger of the place that is her home, her views that she looks out on every day in England.


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