Richard Renaldi Research

The first photograph that I want to show on the exhibition wall is Jean in an obvious location of her home town Birmingham. I just want to capture her full length in a Birmingham environment. Finding research for this style proved to be a struggle. I feel that this kind of image will be a good first photograph to show, as it shows her in the area where she has come back to. This was a different way of living and also that she had to adapt because of living in Jamaica and Africa so long, that when she came back to England it had become a completely different country.   When researching I found the photographer Richard Renaldi and his work was exactly the style of work that I was looking to show in my own. In his work he photographs people of different styles, culture and backgrounds in their environment. Looking at his work you can see the change in each of the images to each of the subjects that he photographs; their identity connects inceridbly with the environment that they are in.

Looking at Richard’s work has gave me a variety of ideas, but mostly it has given me some idea of where I want to shoot and the part of the city environment I want to show Jean in.

Even just from looking at Richards photographs I can see how he positions his subjects and how he shows the subjects environment behind them in each photograph.


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