Research Brett Walker

For the process of creating portrait of jean I have looked at the photographer Brett walker, I have always liked his work and mainly the way in which he captures people in the photograph. I would not be doing black and white photographs as my own will be colour. I feel that in each of his photographs there is a different emotion expressed to each of people that have been shown.  His portrait photography is so striking and it is the photographer that stood out for me when doing the research. I have looked mostly the ways that the models are posed in each image, also their expression on their faces. What also drawn me to his work was when he works with smoke in portraits and they cover almost all of the face and this is something that I am going to create with my own subject Jean for the final major project.  I want to create this style with Jean as she is always smoking, it is part of her and her life, her way to relax and rewind and I think that the effect in an image is so fantastic. I am going to keep looking at these images to see on how I can also position Jean, and the sort of ways in which I can frame my own subject.

I also like one of the images that I have shown in this blog by Brett where there is such a creative and sharp effect on to the persons face in the photograph, this is the kind of image that I am also going to try and create with Jean from the use of natural sunlight as it shines through her home environment of her window and bounces on to her skin.  I feel that these kind of images will really stand out and I am going to show an image of this style in the exhibition, so finding this image that Brett had created really inspired me to create these kind of images.

Looking at all of Brett’s work has given me a range of ideas that I want to try with Jean in her home when we do the portrait shoot. I also like the images that show the subjects hands in the frame of the photograph and how they are positioned, looking at these will give me some idea of how I want Jean to present her hands in the photograph.


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