Nick Broomfield Research

I hired out two DVD’s of Nick Broomfield’s documentaries from the Coventry University library. Suky Best, my mentor advised me to look at him when thinking of the structure because I was going to do a film for the exhibition. I have canged my plans and instead I am going to have audio included in the exhibition. However, I still managed to collect ideas from these documentaries. I developed an idea on how to tell Jean’s story through the audio. Also, I developed an idea of how I can add to the audio.

I started off watching the documentary called Proud to be British. This is a documentary is Broomfield’s way but ultimately troubling examination of the very british attitudes of this affluent and influential area of England. When watching this documentary I felt that I could not engage with it. This is because it was not keeping me focused. Therefore, I could not watch the whole of it.  From vieing the documentary, I can see how Broomfield worked at this time. In the introduction of the film the person who is in it being documented does not start off by introducing himself, instead Nick Broomfield uses a quote from the person who is called Mr Fantham by using his audio that says his own view on Britian when he says; “this is my country, i’m proud of what I am and what we stand for”.  This belief of Mr Fantham is shown over moving video clips of soldiers from the army walking through the streets of Britain. I like how the music gets quiet as Mr Fantham starts to talk and then after he finishes talking the music gets louder. The ending of the film again shows Mr Fanthams strong beliefs and this brings you back to the start and sums up the whole story and what this documentary is all about.

I then watched the Who Cares film, which provides a unique snap shot of life in the slums in Liverpool in 1970. About the Liverpool people being re-housed from inner city terraces to suburban high-rise estates. In the documentary it describes how the moves have affected them negatively . The starting for this film does not start with music but instead background noise, which I liked as it gave you a feel of the area at the time when he was doing the film. Again, the subject that is being documented starts by saying a strong point on her thoughts about the working class. This quote expresses her anger which is a great introduction of what the film is about. I was not sure about the background noise at first but  when I thought in my head about if I did that with Jean’s story- incorporate sound from DVD’s that she owns of the times that she is talking about- then it will give you a feel of what it was like of where she was at the time and also what she is talking about. I think that I will have this before she starts to talk about a certain part of her story as it will keep the viewer listening and interacts them with knowing there is music before a story.  Nick uses this technique I have noticed, he uses the sounds before the talking and when I was viewing this documentary it made me think of what the next part of the story was going to talk about. I like also how he uses music at the end and I think that this is something that I am also going to do in Jean’s story it will be an ideal finish.

The last documentary that I had watched was called Gypsy Blood and.  I did not know  this was a documentary made by Nick Broomfield. I really enjoyed watching this documentary. This is a documentary about how fighting is in the gypsy’s blood. It shows the lives of gypsy as they go head-to-head fighting, living up to their familie name. I Like Nick Broomfield’s older documentaries where there is the use of music  in the start and ending. Again just like his older documentaries he does not start with the person being documented, introducing themeselves, but their strong belief that is about them, the gypsy talks about the fighting and how they feel and also the rules of their fighting. It introduces what the documentary is about but not in alot of detail, not giving too much away. This keept me engaged with the documentary. When the gypsy says this speech the music goes quiet but then when the talking stops it  gets louder. I also like in this documentary how there is a little boy and he says something negative about the fighting and how he does not want his dad to get killed but then it goes on to something that is not positive, and how these boys have the gypsy blood of fighting in them aswell. After noticing this I thought that when editing Jean’s stories I could show a part that is really touching to the heart. i think this will bring distress but then show something positive, of how great these people are and the love they still have in them. Or how the police brutality is over there and how over here in England she feels the younger generation do not adapt to rules. Therefore, it could talk about the difference of the both leadings of England and Jamaica or Africa and how it was when coming back to England after such strictness. There would then be a showing of the negative and the positive sides of things. In the documentary, Nick Broomfield shows the moods of the subjects and this I feel gives the viewer a feel of their anger or happiness. With this in mind, I would like to show the moods of Jean in the audio as it will give the viewer a sense of how she feels at the certain parts of the story.

The new ideas after wathcing the documentaries and how I want to show my story in the audio now:

* Start with music or background noise. The noise will be taken from DVD’s that Jean has of herself, that were taken from the time of when she was in Jamaica and Africa.

* Use the sounds before she talks about a certain part of the story

* Find the best sound that goes with this part

* For the music use something that Jean feels relates to the project or something that I find suits

* For the music use artists from these countries- I may use Bob Marley as he has played a big part in her life.

* Show negative and positive sides in the story

* Show the moods and how certains parts make Jean feel

* End with something that Jean says like in one of my audios she says she wants to visit one more time before she closes her eyes. This shows her love, and then with music low and then louder at the end.


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