Mentor Suky Best

My mentor for this term is Suky Best, I really enjoy her work and her feedback has been really helpful. She has introduced me to some exciting film makers. It is more exciting because this kind of research area I would normally not look into.  I feel as if I have been invited to learn more about film makers, which really adds another dimension of knowledge for me to look into.

For my final major project I am carrying on with my work about Jean, this will be continuing on from the Phonar module. I am currently working on a piece when she changed her life to live as a poor woman in Ethiopia and Jamaica. She was living in the bush, making her house from scratch and helping the people of Ethiopia and Jamiaca, as well as raising 38 street boys.

I have showed Suky Best what I have done for Phonar and I am glad that she liked it, but she said that I needed a structure of how I was going to document this stor. Suky gave me some great people and their work to look at, I feel this will help with my own structure of showing Jean for the exhibition and also develop my structure of how I want to show her story. She said to look at Nan Goldin’s Ballard Of Sexual Dependency and how Nan Goldin shows her photographs with music that relates to them. I was glad that she had said Nan Goldin because she is one of my favourite photographers and I had never thought of looking at that structure of work. I also looked at Molly Dineen and Nick Broomfield. Suky suggested these film makers and I am continuing my research into these people.


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