Finished Final Task: A day in the Life

The finished photo film for the task. Jean starts off with an intro, these are shown of portrait photographs by myself and they all focus on my subject very strongly I think. Then she goes back to the years of Jamaica, the conditions in which she lived in, no electric and just a shell of a house, this shows photographs taking you back in time as she talks through her time in Jamaica very shortly but she gets everything in, also talking about the raising of the street boys. The last and final part her boys that she raised, she talks about their stories, of death and abuse from police brutality, these are accompanyed of a photograph each of these boys, so you get a sense of what they look like when you hear of the abuse and death they had been given to them. The voice in the subjects voice changes, this is something that makes her vexed like she says and just from listening to the tone in her voice it still angers her to this day. I have kept the video short and showed the most important memory of which I think stand out to the viewer and also what stood out for my subject.

The every child charity I have been in contact with and is a good charity to link people to as they help with poverty and abuse of street children, taking them to a safe place.

This is a charity that you can help by sponsoring a child, or even just to donate. This organisations stops the abuse to children in Jamaica and provides them a safe place to say so they are away from the abuse that is going on right now and also the poverty of these children.
I have been in contact with this charity and also other charities and organisations that are helping the street children of Jamaica and also poverty. I have told them my final task the life in a day and they said that the photofilm sounds like something that reflects their charities and also the stories would make an awareness of this state in Jamaica. I have also been in contact with charities for information and help on starting up a forum for people that are looking for help that are being abused not just in Jamaica but also in other parts of the world, from my research I have not found any good forums that are helping people online and these charities like my idea and are willing to help in any way, they are also interested in a project that I am looking to do in the new year, and this will be doing a photoshoot either with peoples identity hidden or shown and the audio will go with the images telling their stories of abuse. I am doing this project because I know it will be something that I enjoy and also I am hoping that will help people to see that they can talk about their lives and step forward for help.
These are the charities that I have been asked to email my idea over to them and the work that I have done so hopefully they can use the photofilm that I have created and that I can gain help from my own project and also their own.
These are all of the charitys that I have been in contact with they all like the sound of the photofilm that I have done with Jean and they have asked me to email them and hopefully this photofilm can be used to make more people aware. I have also let them know. I also discussed the forum and they said it is a good idea as there may be more people that want to talk that lived in Jamaica as a child and had abuse or seen abuse and now live in the UK. The new project that I am next doing has also been of interest to these charitys so I hope that they can also help with that, I have also offered to help with any projects that they have going and in any way that my photography can help.

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