Creation of wordpress blog and forum

I have created a wordpress blog and hopefully people will be connected to this blog and people will post information that has either reflected themeselves or others that have been abused. Some people are really open about past issues in their lives and what they have experienced so I am hoping these kind of people will come forward and so then people that are wanting to seek help or advice they can feel the need to come forward. So then I have created a forum that is linked to this blog so people can chat to each other and hopefully I will recieve a varied of stories that will show more awareness to others. I am also going to contact the charities back that I have spoke to and see if they want to co operate with this forum so people can find out more about these charitys if they are looking for help. If people do start joining then I will ask the charitys and see if they can help out and go on to the forum to speak to these people that are seeking more information. Another reason for this blog and forum is so it will bring more subjects forward that can help with my next project that I am doing so it can make people more aware or so others can reflect to the stories that I will be showing throughout the project.

On the wordpress blog I have also linked the forum that I have created where people can interact.



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