The nearly finished piece for the life in the day task

The start of the photofilm I introduce you to Jean, the main subject that tells the story, from all of the images I have chose the photographs that I think show her very strongly and her true character. In this intro of the subject she goes through her life, the experience in Jamaica, as it changed her as a person and also the things that people in the world do not realise. The images show the subject quite sad in her expressions, I feel if I did not know this person I would still want to keep listening in to the storie as in each photograph you can tell of her interesting character, you can see the hurt but also the love in her eyes.  I have used a varied of images, I feel they all show her quite differently in each one, also how this subject is comfortable and it was important that she did feel comfortable.

I then show her living in Jamaica, in this short storie which carries on through the photofilm you can really sense the living and what it must have been like, also the street boys that she had raised. For this storie I used a mix of images that were from the subject, these photographs were her treasures, the are that past and that part of her life she sometimes misses but not for the bad memories.

The last part of the photofilm tells the stories of the three boys, two of which have experienced death from abuse and a young man that was hurt from abuse. This last part the subject really pours the memorys out, telling you of the boys she had lost and seen hurt. My aim of this last part is to show this abuse and brutality that is going on in Jamaica. I mean abuse is not just in Jamaica but it is also in many other parts of the world, not from just police. The aim of this project is that it can help the awareness of what is going on and what the government is not doing about it but also it is to make those matters that are aware behind closed doors. I have used the photographs of the boys, I just wish that I had more photographs to show these boys but just having that one photograph you can see these boys, what they looked like and it kind of attaches you to the storie as the storie is told from the subject Jean.

I wanted to use more of my own image because I was so please with all of the images that I had produced but the main part of this awareness is about abuse and also you can bring poverty in to it but this is something that had to be brought in to the future from Jeans past and the best way of showing this in the photofilm was of the use of her own images of what she had collected at that most important time in her life.


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