Transformative Storytelling : From the past of cancer

For this transformative storytelling I have chosen to base this story on my grandmother, I have used a varied of images from different years of her life. The audio was quite touching to do as this time was a sad moment for my mother. I find that all of the images show the episodes throughout her life, the cause of which may have been the starting point of the cancer, memorys of when my mother was a child, how she felt  back then, in the story it is given her own voice an opinion of what she thinks was the cause. Each image was hard to find because it was rarely that she was photographed when she smoked all of the time, but these images kind of take you back to this time, and I like how in  each image her age is slightly changing. To show the effect of the cancer I used an image I had took myself, the time of when my nan had her cancer which was years ago it did effect myself and I did photograph the scar that I always had seen after the operation, taking the photograph was like a closeure for myself because this person I thought I was going to lose, that was so close to me and so it also meant alot doing this story. Each image I feel really tells the story as the audio plays, it takes you through a short story but it includes everything of that moment.


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