Transformative story telling Task

Using only found personal images (ie images from family albums, online galleries [that you have permission to use] and local library archives, not published in magazines) research and construct a photo-artefact that weaves a narrative linking the archive population (a story of the people depicted within your chosen set of images).

Development : Build and include a soundscape relevant to your story. Include personal stories from the subjects depicted.

For this transformative story telling I used my family and their past experience and memorys that can tell a story to others.

This is a video of my father, the story of his upbringing as his mother and father raised 12 children, the story follows through with images that are from the past of all the family members together, the story follows through of a memory that he holds with him, remembering the chest drawers with a white blanket in them, the story where he tells you the response of the image that he holds when he was a little boy. The story then follows through of how times were hard, I did find it hard to find images that would go with this audio of his life so I used images of him and his car, the items that were precious to him, they werent alot but they meant alot from the up bringing he had. It then leads near to the end with a very emotional story, the loss of his father, I used images that were from his fathers funeral, with the us of audio you can sense the emotion in the subject and it fits so well with the images. The ending he talks about the strengh of his mother, the woman who had brought these children in to the world, his brothers and sisters. This story I feel is very deep as it is a story that tells you the strengh of this family and the experience of the loss but this strengh always holds. Using the use of audio goes fantastic with each image, I did the audio first then did the images. I did find it hard and spend alot of time on deciding which images I was going to use.




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