The Final Task : A Life in the Day

You should source and develop a subject whose story you tell through the production and broadcast of a “contemporary photographic artifact”; a phrase that we will investigate and clarify over the course of the module. Your decisions throughout this process should build upon and further develop the work we’ve begun in creative workshop and throughout the lecture series.

I have found my subject now I know she has lived in Jamaica for lots of years and she has lived the lifes that alot of people have not lived themeselves, she  has seen the world differently to others and she has lived this life quite dangerously but for this she is proud. I had to get to know my subject and find out something that I feel other people can engage with.  She risked her life being in both Africa and Jamaica at the time of the war, she raised 38 street boys, she saw poverty that we have not seen and she has experienced the good and the bad times of these countries, things she will never be able to forget, she sold everything she owned to help others, to me she is inspirational and interesting. I had to find that one thing about this subject that I really wanted to work on next, then she explained the abuse of police brutality in Jamaica. I wanted to know more about this it was something that I feel could relate to people around the world. She had lost and saw for her self the most astonishing things that people experience over in Jamaica, how these children can not stand up for themeselves.

Think who will be most interested in this story? Who is effected by the issue?

A documentation of a person always attracts someone and this has to be something interesting about the subject, Jean may be the inspiration people may be wanting to read and also people that have always wanted to do what she has done in her life, maybe they want advice from this subject herself, she is a strong character that can give alot of people advice and what they want to know about the living a life in Jamaica. I feel that the main people that would be interested are people that have been effect themeselves by abuse not just from police but loved ones or people that they may not know well or even just like Jean   someone that was so close to her,  and she had lost them from abuse or has seen the hurt of a loved one that is caused from abuse. I feel this can  be of an interest to either an adult or even a child. Also this could effect someone that has moved to the UK from Jamaica and has experienced the abuse from the past but has kept it as a secret in the dark. Abuse is in the world and there needs to be more stopping it, it effects the lives of people and people always keep their state of their life in secret, not letting people know.

How can I actively engage them in the development of this story.

I am going to focus on Jean my subject but I want something from a story that will keep the viewer engaged. I want to use these stories of  what she explains about the abuse to keep people interested, giving them an insight of this abuse it then becomes that engagement and the reflection of others, how these storys may reflect to their own experiences or memory or the fear of the abuse they are experiencing and that someday their own lives could be lost but are to scared to say anything. I want these stories to draw people in, wanting them to know more. I want the first part of Jeans story to paint a picture of the sort of living she had, the experience of her life, the meaning of what these boys mean to her and how they completly changed her life.  Then the second part I want to lead in to the abuse, stories that may engage to others, telling them the process of what the abuse was on these children and also men aswell as herself, the bullying. These stories are real and I want people to listen and see how these people were abused for no reason and how lives were lost, giving you more of an insight into abuse.

How can I get them to take partial ownership (get them to invest)? How can my work become a platform, a hub?

I want my work to encourage people of the awareness of abuse not just in Jamaica but also in England. I want to lead people to organisations that are of great help to abuse, where people can find guidance. I was also going to let viewers that are interested in Jeans story, to give them the chance to ask more, kind of like a forum based place, but that is something that will take time. I have a list of organisations that I am going to ask to look at my own work and if there is anyway in which I can help their organisation with my photography. My aim is to now do a project that reflects abuse, I know it may be hard but it is something I am aiming for and that is to find a subject or a number of subjects that have been effected by abuse and for them to tell a story throughout a project, I will also give the option of their identity to be hidden in the photography, making their voice be their identity, letting people know. I feel this kind of project will give people the chance to come forward more about the issues that are going on in their life and to seek help.

Finding my subject and something that reflects others that she has experienced in her life has made me see things that you dont know is happening around you, making me want to focus my photography on something that could possibly help others or creating a space in which people can be open about their lives and gain the help they need.


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