Marshall Mcluhan – Medium is the massage

This reading I found so very difficult to understand at first and I had to read it over and over to get a feel of what Marshall is exactly trying to say in his book and especially to understand the text in which he explains it.  my conclusion of what I think Marshall Mcluhan is trying to say after reading the book:

The term massage to marshall is that he is suggesting that the modern audience in media see this massage as something that is soothing, relaxing and enjoyable to the human sensory and how it is making us feel when we see a text or when we read it (how it atracts us). The massage is only a massage if this massage is purely true and so this massage becomes something that we are able to learn from. The medium which is where we get this massage from etc; books, radio and magazines, where it has been heard, but we never really see how the medium is presented to us. All we look in to is the massage from the medium (the source of where the info comes from) it just becomes nothing to us.


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