Where children wonder

I have called this video where children wonder, the children wonder around as they explore and learn new facts about nature. I went in to the herbert and took recordings as I walked around, I left the recorder on as I walked around, intruding on a piece of work that the viewers discuss in the gallery, this was what I was hoping to get. I ended up in the nature exhibition which I recorded but at first I thought there was to many sounds and it was so loud because of all the children in there. When I had returned home I listened to all the audio that I had recorded, the sound that standed out the most was the exhibition on nature that was filled with children, the sounds that I got I found were really interesting, the children and how they are amazed by the sounds they are hearing in the exhibition, also that they were creating and the interaction between their close ones, just listening to parts where the children were learning new things are great. After I had selected the audios that I wanted to use and linked them all together I went back to the Herbert, I was hoping for the exhibition to be packed with children and their famillies and friends like it was before and I was going to approach the parents and ask if I could follow their children around the exhibition as they learn new information and explore the exhibition but it was empty. I photographed it empty and after putting these images of the lonely exhibition with the audio it actually looked better as you could get a feel of this atmosphere in this perticular exhibition, the exhibition was now no longer lonely, in a way these audio sounds sounds quite ghostly or like they are from a distance as these people are not shown in the images. The audio is showing you the reactions of what the children and also the adults would have been if they were in the exhibition.



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