Unphotographable Phiction (sic) Task : Box of brown leaves

Working alone, you should choose one of Michael David Murphy’s “Unphotographable” posts and create a multimedia narrative. You should use your own images, new or from your archive and you should create an accompanying soundscape.

Box of brown leaves:

This is a picture I did not take of a cardboard box sitting on the sidewalk in front of the Post Office, like a package that someone was so excited to receive they couldn’t wait to open it, and they walked out of the Post Office and peeled back the lid to find it was filled with nothing but brown leaves, and in sadness or bewilderment, just left it there on the sidewalk, abandoned.

At first I did have to think about the text and how I could narrate this in to the images and audio to show this story of the abandoned leaves. I really enjoyed doing this task, it really makes me think of different ways in which I can show a story or text with audio and photographs, I have started to explore after doing this task and also the other tasks, it has helped in expanding my own work and this new use of audio in which I am able to tell the viewer and give them a feel of the story or a piece of text.  The box of leaves I did find it so very weird that you would in the first place just have a box of leaves but it is the dissapointment of this mood the character changes and it was nice to create every little bit of audio, as she rumaged through the leaves, the sigh of disspointment and the way in which the photographic image hits so well with when she pulls back the tape, it almost makes you feel that you are at that moment of time.


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