Spoken Narrative Task: I hope never to see you again

Record a personal story to share with the group. You should speak your story in person and it’s telling should last approx. 2-3 minutes (no more). You should especially consider your choice of story/subject, your audience and your verbal delivery – in terms of your script, language, pace and intonation. No accompanying soundscape. No pictures. Just a story

This is the story that is personal to myself but also personal to someone close to me. I hope that is does keep people interested because to me this story is quite interesting because it is strange to see the same person when people are near to death, alot of people question ghosts but even after I have listened to this audio as I play it back to myself I still do not know what my own beliefs are. I hope that it does keep people interested but I will look forward to the feedback and then I shall know and I will know where to improve and what story to tell in another audio piece. I did think at first that it was not now going to be a personal thing because this is only something that I have expressed with only  people close to me, i think this is because I don’t know what people may think of me and what their reaction may be from my story, they may think that this woman was in my imgaination but I know that she was real, and it was not just my own eyes that had seen her.


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