Creative Workshop 3: Unphotographable Phiction (sic) Task : Woman Chewing

This is a picture I did not take of a woman in a green sweatshirt, exiting a public bathroom, eating a hotdog.

This is another unphotographable phiction task that I had chosen from the list, this is called a woman chewing.

For this video I matched the description of the colour of clothing that the woman is wearing in the unphotographable phiction task text, I took a photograph of the front of the toilets and added audio so you know what kinds of sounds are also going on inside, I photographed each step process from the woman as she walks out of the toilet and the stages of the chewing, the way in which the sound comes together with the photographs is what makes this story. I think the sound that makes this video is definetly the sound of the woman chewing, alot of people have said after hearing the end part of the chewing it doesn’t sound nice, but really I feel they just got a sense of all the food as it mixed around the womans mouth and the manner of this person, I think my most favourite image that stands out the most in this video is when she stops before coming closer to the camera and stands and enjoys the chewing moment of the hotdog.

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