Phonar# : Creative Task MK:II

While not a full task in itself, this week we ask you to reflect on and edit-up your magazine spread. It is worth listening to Jon Levy speak about this task before you embark on this second stage, he can be heard here.

For next week you should reflect on your own selection bearing Jon’s words in mind and then ‘edit-up’ by adding in some of your own images to make a second set. Your images should be the threads that gather the initial collection into a new story, fact or fictional.

(These can be existing images, or you can create new images for this task)

These are the photographs that I have selected, I have I have used a mix of different styles of photographs. I would like to use the sort of style of layout that I have used in the creative task mk I, using the same font and the same style for the layout of the photographs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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