#Phonar Creative Task MK:I

Garner a portfolio of 8-10 images from different photographers whose work inspires you. Choose carefully, as though your edit was going to appear as a spread in a printed magazine, you may choose to lay them out as such if you wish, with attention to scale, pace and flow etc.

The portfolio must directly address a theme of your choosing – it could be a personal theme or a topical one, the choice is yours.

 The layout of my images are all not perfectly lined and are not all the same size. There are a mix of sizes with in the images and the placements are different to each other, this is the way that I would like to see my favourite images from the photographers. I have used a text that looks like it is from a type writer, I like the way that I have set the text out, using the full name but both of the names are not in line with each other and the surname follows on towards the end of the page on the line below. I was thinking of using text of how the images make me feel around images but I think I will have a practise doing this from the edits of the magazine spread I have done already from what I have shown below.

The chosen images have come from the two photographers Dorothea Lange and Nan Goldin.  Nan Goldin she is one of the most photographers that connects with my work, she captures this initmacy of people that only she can explain, she gets to know how they are feeling, the closeness that she has with her subjects, each one of her images show this truth of the person and who they really are and because there is such a strong connection her images really stand out. Dorothea Lange I find her images are interesting, she would have a connection with her subjects, documenting the effects that the great depression was doing to peoples live, she captured a part of history, she shows you what you remember today.  I feel that both of these photographers have a same similarity, they  both have a stong connection when photographing their subjects and they document a persons life so well, they portray a story so well in photographs, of which is strong.


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