Summer Task

“In preparation for this module over the Summer break you should continue to photograph every day. When editing your photographs you should title them with a single word. At the end of each week you should group the pictures into sets. You should consider each picture a word within a sentence. From this material please prepare a short photographic poem or aphorism for the first session back after the Summer break.”

I have got to say I have really enjoyed the process of putting the chosen images that I have captured over the summer together. This is something that I have never done before, making a poem out of just the one word that I have put to the photograph. The poems just did not make sense from just the one word so I have added more than one word in to the sentence to create more of a poem.

Where there is destrucution there is always spirit, that holds the beauty and naturte together.

Feelings along lines and the thoughts that are so magical from a feel, just like silk.

Pressure is not harmony, there can also be communication. The future can be something that makes you feel lone.


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