Ground Zero after Osama Bin Laden was annonced dead

On the second day after Osama Bin Laden was annonced dead myself and some other students and the lecturer Pete went to Ground Zero. When we arrived there the atmosphere was buzzing and so vibrant but also sad, there was celebrations that Bin Laden was dead and there was also people that held photographs of their dead family members. For the people of america the atmosphere felt like a day of closure for them. We wondered why there was so many tv cameras around and then we found out that Barrack Obama was doing a speech. I feel that going to Ground Zero has added to my photojournalist portfolio as I got some really good photograph that day. My favourite is of a little girl and she was remembering those who are dead, she kept following me so I ask her mom if I could take some photographs and they look really good because you can see the sadness in her eyes.

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